Bringing Smart Engineering Solutions to Complex Problems

Our Mission

Austral Engineering and Software, Inc. (AES) was formed in 1994 with the mission of pursuing engineering research, development, and commercialization in a number of high-technology fields ranging from aeronautics and flight control design to communications, signal processing, and navigation.  With a balanced measure of theoretical and practical capabilities, AES develops user-interactive software and hardware systems that make technically sophisticated applications available to a larger audience of scientific and engineering experts.  AES engineers have extensive experience working with customers to meet their needs.  Our organization is innovative, team-centered, flexible, and effective.

Our Expertise

Specific areas of our expertise include:

  • Dynamic systems modeling and analysis
  • System identification (both time- and frequency-domain methods)
  • Control system analysis and design (linear, nonlinear, classical, and modern techniques)
  • Continuous- and discrete-time systems as well as hybrid systems
  • High-fidelity event-driven software simulation environments
  • Data acquisition and digital signal processing
  • Single- and multi-objective optimization
  • Data visualization
  • Graphical user interface design and implementation
  • Procedural and object-oriented software development
  • Real-time hardware and software systems
  • Aerodynamic modeling and wind tunnel testing
  • Flight control applications
  • Communication system coding and modulation (theory and hardware)
  • Challenging positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) applications
  • All aspects of GPS and navigation, including high-accuracy relative navigation systems
  • Inertial sensor implementation and data processing
  • Kalman filtering and sensor integration
  • Experienced in all aspects of systems engineering and the product life cycle, including development of initial requirements, system design and development, system testing, and transition to production
In addition to our own expertise, AES has access to a robust network of scientific and engineering experts that can be called upon as needed to support its various endeavors.